Project in Short

Volare Leadership International came to me because they needed a simple yet professional presence on the internet that could easily be accessed via any device. They came with an existing multi-page website, and emphasized they wanted to simplify and update the design but on a budget.

My solution was to prune the content and shape the site into an elegant one-page website that could easily be navigated on desktop or mobile.

technology Used
  • Wix (classic)

  • UX design methods

  • LinkedIn company pages

Rapid, High Quality Design and Development on a Budget

How do we fit a high quality design and development into a smaller budget? I decided to push the limits of Wix’s no-code platform and have it do all the work. Instead of designing in my preferred design tool (Figma) and then coding it from scratch, I created everything in Wix. This hastened the process by:

  • 1

    Allowing everything to reside in one application from wires and mocks to actual build

  • 2

    Allowing stakeholders to see each stage in it’s actual environment

  • 3

    Creating a seamless process between design to development

Isabella Martin

challenges & Solutions

Building a website on a budget is no easy feat in a short amount of time, but in Volare’s case, Isabella and Donna came prepared. They brought existing content and media including a pre-written manuscript, professional photography and a brand schema that I could use to design with.

Usually clients come to me with nothing, which is not a problem unless their budget is small. Being prepared with these kinds of assets will always lessen the cost of the design and hasten the time it takes to develop a website.

the final result

In retrospect, working with Isabella and Donna was probably one of the easiest experiences I’ve had in my career. They completely trusted me to do my thing, and the result rewarded both sides. Here is the result:

the before

Their multipage website

The before-version of the Volare Leadership International website.

The After

Their new one-page website

The after-version of the Volare Website