project brief

As their volunteer Director of Digital Marketing, one of my first tasks was to take over a website design project. Startup NYCHA is a Cambio Labs program for budding entrepreneurs and it needed a website to help future students understand the program and register for the waitlist.

My solution was to rapidly prototype the website using Wix (their preferred platform), existing content, design assets and media with the goal of launching the website rapidly and then building additional features.

technology Used
  • WixStudio

  • Figma

  • Google Slides

  • Canva

  • UX-UI design methods

Rapid, High Quality Design and Development on a Budget

So, how do we fit high quality design and development into a tight timeline? I decided to push the limits of Wix’s no-code platform and have it do all the work. Instead of designing in my preferred design tool (Figma) and then coding it from scratch, I created almost everything in Wix. This hastened the process by:

  • 1

    Allowing everything to reside in one application from wires and mocks to actual build

  • 2

    Allowing stakeholders to see each stage in it’s actual environment

  • 3

    Creating a seamless process between design to development

Challenges & Solutions

Building a website quickly is not an easy feat. In Cambio’s case, Sebastián and Michelle trusted me to use their existing content, media, professional photography and a brand schema to rapidly build a fun and enticing website. Usually clients come to me with nothing, which is not a problem unless their budget is small. Being prepared with these kinds of assets will always lessen the cost of the design and hasten the time it takes to develop a website.

Sebastián Martín

Sebastián Martín

the final result

The result below was turned around in a few hours. However, this is not the final result. The is the first draft, considering that the biggest challenge was finding out that we could not transfer a site from Wix Studio to Wix classic editor. Currently we are in the process of moving it over, and as Lead of Digital Marketing I’ve delegated that to a volunteer. While he does that, I am working with the stakeholder to improve overall purpose and usability of this future sub-site. With that said, stick around for the final draft – due soon:

View the Prototype

This will take you to Wix in a new tab.

View the Working Designs

This will take you to Figma in a new tab.